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July 2005


Bringing in the hay!


The "facilities" are partly hidden in the trees.


This photo shows the meditation area, prior to any work being done to clear it. If you look at November's diary page (2005!) you will see us hard at work clearing it and getting it ready for use.

In July we turned our attention to the "Energetic Use of Herbs". This is quite a difficult concept when one is used to applying herbs for physical problems to suddenly consider how the energetic properties can be applied to emotional aspects of dis-ease to help restore balance to body, mind and soul.

We began by looking at the most prolific summer plant within the Sanctuary, the Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera - pictured above), which grows everywhere including high up in the boll of a willow and can reach 8 feet or more amongst the trees. Workshop participants were asked to fix the plant in their mind and sit quietly in meditation to see what messages the plant might impart. The results were quite amazing. They were told its property was about finding cheerfulness when coming through hard times, that the pinkness of the flower was a cushion of love and that the plant felt itself undervalued when it had so much to offer. Everyone then gathered flowers from plants in different parts of the Sanctuary and placed them on the surface of spring water held in a glass bowl. This was then left to infuse in sunshine for the rest of the workshop while we considered other plants which were useful for their energetic properties such as mugwort for cleansing and yarrow for boundaries and to taste the flower remedies of Vervain and Agrimony which had been prepared the previous day.

We even had a blackbird turn up to see what all the fuss was about!!

There were many plants coming to flower during July and below you will see several photos of plants seen around the Sanctuary site.


Recipe: To make a flower essence using the Sun method


 Some of the summers harvest from the Sanctuary An apothecaries rose tucked in by the summerhouse
Echinacea pallida Butterflies on the knapweed
Joe Pye weed - named after Joe Pye, an American herbalist A healthy looking patch of angelica
Some nice blue borrage flowers Motherwort and goats rue
A long tall agrimony plant with its yellow flowers Meadowsweet

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