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Index of Stories

1. The Whittlestone and the Ladywell

2. The Fiddler

3. The Fox

4. The Guardian

5. The Lord of the Manor

6. Seven Magpies

Index of Poems

1. Sanctuary Blessing

2. Distant healing

3. Homage to Spring

4. A peal for Time

5. Two seasonal fragments

6. Shining



At Home and Away
- Many people record images of their home and holidays with still or moving pictures. Between the covers of this book lie two collections of images captured in words so readers can paint their own picture of the scene. A Natural Year reflects the ever-changing, unchanging cycles of archetypal English countryside as experienced in the herb gardens in Warwickshire and the Cotswolds, where land has been cultivated since Neolithic times.


Memories of Cornwall takes you to the ancient coastline of Cornwall over many summer holidays. You can play with children on the beach, watch the moon rise over the English Channel, or visit the many sacred sites within the county. Whether listening for the sound of bees, smelling primroses or tasting snowballs, allow yourself to be transported to another place where Nature will hold you and nurture an inner peace.

The paperback book is available from Amazon - click here
The e-book, paperback and audio CD are available from Romance Divine - click here


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