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Solihull Workshops 2018


Winter workshops are held in Solihull on a Saturday. They start at 10am and finish at 2pm including a shared lunch. Numbers are limited on a first come first served basis.

Spring to Autumn Workshops at the Sanctuary - click here


January 13 - Herbs in hot water

February 10 - Preparing for spring with herbs

November 10 - Creating Anti-viral vinegars

December 8 - Preparing a winter pharmacy


Workshops will run from 10am - 2pm with a shared lunch (i.e. bring something to share).


The workshops are funded by voluntary donations. Each workshop costs around 40 to deliver and most people donate between 5 and 30 per session. If you want to take a herbal preparation away with you, you need to bring vodka, cider vinegar and/or honey to each workshop. Donations of clean jam jars are always welcome, as well as extra brandy, cider vinegar and vodka!


We offer a pickup from Solihull Station (in the winter) on workshop days. Please add something to your donation to cover this cost.



For more details email



Sarah Head B Soc Sci, Dip SFT, MNFSH is a member of the Herb Society and has been studying the medicinal uses of herbs for the past thirteen years, growing over eighty different varieties of herbs in her two herb gardens. She is a solution focused therapist and trainer, helping to support distressed individuals on a local and national basis through her work with a leading personal injury law firm. Sarah is also a spiritual healer, providing healing to the public with Solihull Healing Group and helping others to develop their healing capacity through Solihull Healer Development Group. Sarah is a published writer on health service and complementary therapy issues and regularly contributes articles for the Herb Society website.


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