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Springfield Sanctuary - Main News

11th HERB FESTIVAL - 10th,11th and 12th September 2021! The Festival Programme for 2019 is available here! To view it CLICK HERE to get an idea of the sort of things we do!


This year - 2021 - will mark our 11th annual 'Celebrating Herbs' Festival and we will be endeavouring to continue where we had to leave off due to the pandemic. Keep an eye on this page and/or the Festival page as well to see what our plans are.


To see a programme of activities we held for 2018 the programme of talks and activities can be viewed. This should show you what we do and the sort of thing you will likely see at the Festival!


The annual festival provides talks, walks, demonstrations and workshops, as well as lots of opportunity for personal explorations of herbs. There are also other activities that go on throughout the weekend, possibly including lunchtime musical interludes, and usually includes evening impromptu musical concerts. In 2017 we even had a concert from Goodall and Band!


If you follow the link to the Festival page you should find more photos of past Festivals!


Over the years further entertainment has usually been provided by some members of  Sky Symphony Kite Display Team, and if we are lucky they may be on site once again to provide something rather different!


The 2021 HERB FESTIVAL will be held during the weekend 10th to 12th September.


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'The Summerhouse herbal blues'

Amusement for those who attended the Festival - and those who didn't!

Double click the box above to see it in larger format on YouTube!

Tales of a Kitchen Herb Wife

The day to day life of a Kitchen Herb Wife as she goes about work, social activities, and making many oils, tinctures and infusions. Also many interesting and useful recipes are presented with comments about their making and use.

Click here for the day to day blog!

Workshops - Sanctuary

Herb Workshops


Recognising, experiencing, growing and harvesting Herbs


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Workshops 2018 - Solihull

A series of winter herb workshops will be held in Solihull before the Spring and Summer ones are held at the Sanctuary, and then late on after autumn brings the year's cycle round full circle.


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Sanctuary Calendars

We hope once again to produce our Sanctuary Calendars for 2023, but due to circumstances have decided not to do one for 2022. We will need an idea of how many would be required, to ensure it will be worth having them made. Please place a request with us before the Festival and we can then let you know if we have enough interest.


There are likely to be at least two different calendars available. You will be able to purchase them through PayPal.

Work Dates 2018

Springfield Sanctuary Work Dates 2018

No dates set yet, but if you wish to help us by doing some work at the Sanctuary - anytime! - please get in touch and we will be happy provide you with a list of jobs that need doing! Some people are already planning to do some work there on midweek days, so don't feel it only has to be at a weekend!

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Sanctuary Apprenticeships

A twelve month herbal apprenticeship may start in 2022 if there is enough interest. You are offered the opportunity to learn more about growing, harvesting and working with herbs to improve personal and family health and wellbeing.


Sign up before the end of December to join other new Apprentices for 2022.


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About the Sanctuary

A quiet haven overlooking the Rissington hills, Springfield Sanctuary offers an opportunity for rest and recuperation from life’s frantic pace.


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Follow the story of the Sanctuary over its early years. More recent activities can be found on Sarah's 'Tales of a Kitchen Herb Wife' blog (see menu to the left of this page)


See photos of volunteers hard at work tidying the Sanctuary.

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Original work and recipes associated with the Sanctuary.


In this section you will find stories and poetry as well as articles.


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